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industrial hardware and accessories

We carry a full range of industrial hardware and accessories.

Our top quality hand cleaner removes grease and grime easily, and moisturises your hands at the same time. Our silicone sealants are flexible and durable, adhere to most surfaces, and come in various colours. We carry a wide range of strong, long-lasting ski rope, in various colours and lengths.

We have a huge selection of light and heavy duty chain, manufactured from various materials, in a variety of links and thicknesses. Suitable for any application, we are able to supply any length, to suit your specifications.

We have a stylish range of window fittings to suit any taste and budget. Whether you are looking for brass or aluminium handles, peg or sliding stays, we have a solution for your needs.

When it comes to castors, we will keep you moving! no matter how heavy your load, we have the perfect product solution. Castors are manufactured from various materials, and are available in swivel, fixed and various brake formats, for heavy and light duty use.

Just brief us on your application, and we will advise you on which product would best suit your needs.


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