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 Fencing and Palisade

fencing and pallisade


Strong, durable and easy to install, palisade panels are available in various lengths and heights, for high and medium security needs. We will recommend the best, and most affordable, solution for your application.

Our range of palisade fencing panels is a market leader. Aesthetically eye-pleasing, they come in a comprehensive range of styles and designs. But, just because they look good, doesn’t mean that they are not manufactured to rigorous quality standards.

  • Stewarts & Lloyds manufacture both 40x40 and 30x30 cold formed palisade, both available in 3 or 7 spike.
  • Some of our branches manufacture hot rolled palisade.
  • Palisade gates can be manufactured to customer requirements.

Pales and Base Plates

Pales are manufactured in 'D' and 'W' profiles, and in a range of styles and thicknesses. We also supply base plates in various sizes.

Fencing & Wire

Galvanised, Black or Annealed, Diamond Mesh, Razor Barbed Type Wire and Galvanised Welded Precision Mesh.

  • Standards: I beam, Y section - 2kg / metre
  • Ridge back droppers - 0.56kg / metre
  • Black Reinforcement - 2 400 x 6 000mm 

Razor Wire

fencing wireIf you are looking for a low-cost, added security solution to an existing perimeter fence, razor wire is the answer.

An extremely effective and menacing deterrent to any would be intruder; razor wire comes in a number of product types, including strip, flat wrap, coil and mesh.



Galvanised Wire

We also stock all types of galvanised wire, in various sizes and standards. Discuss your specifications with us and we will recommend the best solution for your specific application. 



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