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 Paint and Accessories

paint and accessories

Visit your nearest branch and make your selection from our vast range of top quality enamel paints, aerosol spray paints and accessories.

Our Quick Dry Enamel range is suitable for most metal and wood surfaces and has a smooth texture, high gloss finish.

We are always around to offer colour and quantity advice, and irrespective of whether you are looking for a one litre tin or large drums of paint for big jobs, we can assist you.

Our STEELCOTE paint is a primer and top coat 'all-in-one' tin for your convenience.

paint and accessoriesLooking for a superior quality, easy to use aerosol spray paint?

We stock aerosol products that are highly resistant to chipping and leave a nice hard finish. They dry to the touch within half an hour, only require one coat, and are ideal for touch ups!


Paint Accessories

We have a vast selection of brushes and rollers, in various sizes, priced to suit your budget. In addition, we offer a wide range of scrapers, tapes, thinners and primers.

If you are applying or removing paint, we have a cost-effective solution for all your needs!

Paint Specifications


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