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 Security Products

security products

At Stewarts & Lloyds Retail we are acutely aware that we are living in a crime-ridden society and we realise how important it is to supply superior security products.We will help you provide your Customers with the best security solutions available. 

Gate Motors

security products and gate kitsWe have an impressive array of sophisticated Gate motors with battery back-up, electric garage door openers, gate rollers, gate kits and sliding door gear. From basic items to our top of the range products, our equipment is easy to install, maintain and repair.

Reliability and ease of operation will ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Electric Fence Kits

Our Electric fence kits and components are suitable for all applications and conditions. Manufactured to the highest quality specifications, our products are user friendly, reliable and cost effective. Our systems are non-lethal, and provide varying levels of voltage and electrical current, depending on the clients' preference.

Our wall spikes are hardy and have been designed to give maximum protection. They are eye-pleasing, tamper and corrosion resistant, and provide an added deterrent to would-be intruders.


When it comes to locks, we have a wide range for you to choose from! Whether you are looking for Security Gate Locks, Cylinder Locks, or Lock Boxes and padlocks, we will advise you on the best product to keep you and your assets in, and intruders out!

The efficient operation of any door depends on the type of hinge you use, and to this end we carry a large selection of hinges, in different sizes and shapes, to suit your specific requirements.

Access Control

Our range of door phones and intercoms will give your clients the edge.

Highly sophisticated, yet simple to install and operate, they are weatherproof and suitable for residential and business premises.


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