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 Welding and Accessories

welding accessories

We carry a range of high tech welding machines, inverters and welding rods. Our welding products are safe, reliable, tamper-proof and affordable.

We also carry Arc welding cable, in a variety of amperages, and a full range of cable kits.

welding equipment and accessoriesWhilst welding is a totally safe process, certain safety measures must be adhered to, as you know, and to this end, it is important not to skimp on protective equipment, such as goggles, helmets, lenses and gloves.

Speak to us! We will provide you with the best quality protection for your needs.

Our light weight electrode holders have been designed to ensure heat and impact resistance. If you want to maximise safety and minimise fatigue, we have a high quality solution.

Mig wire and Mig and Tig accessories

Try our range of Mig wire and Mig and Tig accessories and components! Suitable for a variety of applications, these superior products will prove top quality every time you weld. The latest, new and improved product designs, guarantee top class surface finish and integrity.

Generators and Compressors

Prepare yourself to be impressed by our compact, durable and reliable generators and compressors. From basic to highly sophisticated models, they offer a full range of features, which make them suitable for all your fabrication and maintenance requirements.

If it's a top quality, cost-effective Spray Gun you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Our team of experts will advise you on the best product for your requirements.

Earth Clamps on your shopping list? We can assist you with a top class range of products, with varying clamping ranges.

Cutting and Grinding Discs

We have a wide selection of high quality, long lasting, competitively priced cutting and grinding discs, manufactured to comply with all safety standards. We will help you choose the fastest and most efficient blade for your specific application.



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